Innova Dermatology- TELEDERMATOLOGY Virtual Visit

Care you know and trust… WITHOUT the office visit

For your convenience and to promote social distancing, Innova Dermatology now offers virtual visits from the safety and comforts of your own home. This “virtual video visit” mirrors an in-office appointment with the board-certified dermatologists you trust, and is available when you need it most. The diagnosis and treatment of many dermatologic conditions from acne and rashes to eczema, psoriasis and more may be accomplished through telemedicine visits. Our board-certified dermatologists, Drs. Popkin and Mann, will be able to evaluate you if you require medication and/or if you need medication adjustments.

If you are already scheduled for a visit, our office will contact you to convert your visit to a Virtual-visit or reschedule you as needed. You can also contact us directly at 615-266-3376 or email us at to schedule a Virtual Visit!

Benefits of Our TeleHealth Online Visits:
– Consult with our experienced board-certified dermatologists on your time and in the safety of your home
– Set up an online dermatology visit for yourself, your child, or another dependent
– Pick up appropriate prescriptions at your preferred pharmacy or have it shipped directly to you
– TeleHealth visits are covered by Medicare and most insurances

Video/Tech Requirements
(1) Smartphone or computer/ipad/tablet with a camera and microphone for video capability.
(2) High speed internet connection to ensure proper video feed
(3) Software Platform— several options for your convenience
a. Facetime—most popular for those with iPhones or iPad. Please note Facetime is encrypted and secure but are not fully HIPAA compliant
b. – secure and HIPAA Compliant

Teledermatology: Frequently Asked Questions:
Does my insurance cover telemedicine?
In response to COVID-19, most commercial payers, Medicare and Medicaid now cover telemedicine services. Although we have made efforts to ensure payment will be provided by your insurance, we highly encourage you to contact your carrier to understand the details/rules of your health plan(s) and what services are covered by your specific plan.

Will this visit count towards my deductible? Do I need to pay a copay?
Yes, we will bill your insurance for telemedicine visits in the same manner as in-person visits, subjected to any copays, coinsurance and deductibles. If you do not have health insurance, our self-pay charge is $100 for our telemedicine services.

How do I pay my copay and deductible?
Estimated patient responsibility will be collected on the day of the visit. Our front desk will collect your copay and any deductibles at the end of your visit.

How will I get my prescription?
We can send your prescription to a local pharmacy of your choice. In addition, patients can pick up certain medications at our office. Finally, we have partnered with several pharmacies that offer free shipping directly to your home.

What if I need a biopsy or other procedure?
Drs. Popkin and Mann are still working in our office. If you and your doctor decide you need a procedure, we will schedule you for this in person in our office.

Why do I need to log into my patient portal?
We need to make sure your medications, past history, and other medical information are correct before we start the visit. We will also use the portal to send you your visit summary. You can access any handouts pertaining to your appointment there as well. We also need you to sign your teledermatology consent form prior to your visit.